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The MakeLab community has joined the fight against COVID-19 !

We were approached by Medical staff, dealing with temporary lack of "PPE – Personal protective Equipment" and aerosol-targeted solutions, needed for their safety and health. 

To their request, volunteer Makers from our community, skilled in various disciplines, joined forces with "Makers of ISRAEL" to research, interview physicians, design and Model. Manufacturing (especially Laser cutting) takes place in the MakeLab Facilities located in Yehud, while assembly & packaging are done by the volunteers who then distribute our products to various wards in medical institutes.

We currently focus on 2 main products: Face shields & Aerosol boxes for intubation.

We have designed sturdy and comfortable face shields in a way that can be produced simply and quickly in large quantities. The manufacturing process makes use of A Low Power Laser cutter (can be found in Maker spaces). Assembly is simple and does not require any glue. The Transparency film is, according to feedback from the users, positioned in a comfortable angle towards the chin for max protection, and is easily replaceable. 

We deliver equipment to departments throughout the country: Corona and Intensive Care Department Meir Hospital, Corona Department Assuta Ashdod, Corona Department Rambam, Intensive Care Lev Tel Hashomer, Corona Ichilov Department TA, Corona Hospital Department Carmel, Hasharon Hospital, Geriatric Hospital in Pardes Hanna, Geriatric Pliman Hospital in Haifa, Soroka Hospital, Bat-Yam Hostel, Laniado Hospital, Jewish Municipality, St. Joseph's Hospital East Jerusalem, in various clinics in the north, Hadassah Hospital Mt. Scopus, Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Galilee Hospital, Maayanei Salvation Hospital, Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Bnei Zion Hospital and other small and large causes.

We happily share the production Files and instructions for use, as long as it is not intended  for commercial use, available for Download in the link below. 

Want to produce face shields yourselves?

Please note: This is not a certified medical product and is not tested by any standard. It is designed and used for personal needs and must be disinfected before preliminary use and when needed.

Aerosol Boxes
These are transparent acrylic boxes positioned over the patient's head during intubation or tracheostomy, with openings for the surgeon's hands to work in a contained environment. The Box protects the medical staff from droplets released by the infected patient while coughing or during the procedure.

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